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Let's create your story!

Through Social Media especially Instagram professional photography is changing a lot. Classic studio pictures are nice but they don't offer enough variety since we want flowing content. This means we want to tell our story with casual lifestyle pictures that look easy, natural and effortless in everyday situations or changing surroundings. And then they also need style. Preferably your own and unique style. It's good to have an Instagram account that can keep up with others, but it is even better to have an account that is standing out. 


You don't always need to create your own content. For some concepts, it makes sense to work with user-generated content. Nevertheless, for most kind of businesses, you will have to create your own content at least partly. 


And let's be honest!


What looks so casual and effortless is not really that easy and it actually requires some skills and a lot of work to take good pictures and then make them stylish and fit together without looking the same or blurring out the details. 


So instead of going on a photo shoot, we will go on an adventure - at least that's what we make it look like.




Why is content king?

- Because it is the first impression!

- It's supposed to entertain!

- And better content means more reach!


Instagram is a noisy platform. People see many many pictures every day and they usually don't look at them for very long unless they are standing out or entertaining. What was the everyday magazine before is now Social Media, just that people choose their authours and photographers themselves and the look of your feed is your cover.  


I believe it was always important, but at least since Instagram changed its algorithm the quality of pictures became more important because your content will only be shown to a lot of your followers if your picture gets a lot of likes within the first hour. 


What Is included?


This depends on what you need, but this is an Idea of what can be included.


- Content strategy plan

- Photography + short videos/gifs 

- Editing of pictures and videos

- Planning your feed + stories


What's not Included? 


- Captions

- Postings

- Interaction



Price: Depends on strategy and the amount! Starting at 300€ for 20 posts.


Let's talk about this!











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