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With content shoots, we concentrate on creating a storyline, high-quality pictures and high-quantity amount. The content shoot also includes the sourcing and the feed design for 30 Posts, Stories, story highlights and a basic strategy. All you need to do is add captions and postings!

This is Included:

  • 30 Posts (and pictures)

  • 15 Stories/ Story Templates 

  • Styleguide

  • 4 Hours Shooting

  • Strategic advises

  • Strategy specific Needs


Price: 900€ 

Personal Content Shoots

Whether you want pictures for your personal Instagram or you need pictures for business profile. When shooting content I concentrate on variety so you get a lot of different pictures for you to post. 

This is Included:

  • 4 hours Shooting

  • 2 different Locations 

  • up to 4 Outfits

  • Style advice

  • You will learn which poses work well and of course some Instagram insides

  • at least 30 Edited and Retouched Pictures for your Instagram and Facebook

Price: 350€ 

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